F*&K Off: Facebook’s Moral Authority

I know when I need to get my own personal view-point adjusted all I need is a few glorious moments on Facebook. There are always loads of helpful people ready to tell me why my usage of certain words makes me no better than Michael Vick scouting a pit bull rescue for recruits. Better yet, I could post some seemingly harmless status update that has the capacity to destroy people’s self-esteem. After a few moments, I begin to think maybe I am a horrible person with little to offer society as a whole, BUT then I remember I knew that before the Facebook Moral Authority scolded me.

“What is the Facebook Moral Authority??”

Well, quite simply, it is a rag-tag bunch of people who decide that your entire life is incorrect because it doesn’t fit their ideal. Whether it is brow beating you because…. you use vulgar language……you make a remark that offends someone they know….or simply because you choose to disagree with any given topic. They are whiners, and boo-hooers of the interweb. If they had a mascot it would be this…

Pouting is acceptable for children, NOT online dissertations.


The Wonderful World of Words

I have witness people yell at someone for using the word retarded. As if this word was insulting regardless of context. The fact is there exists a group of people who are retarded. I am sure if I had a child who was retarded I would use a different phrase, but the word isn’t wrong. Mentally retarded, mentally challenged, mentally disabled, handicapable, etc.  Now, due to the Facebook Moral Authority (FMA) I hesitate before I use the word. It makes me angry. Not because I want to run around calling people retarded.  I just find the people most sensitive to this word aren’t retarded people, but awkward family & friends who haven’t come to terms with the retardation. If a fruit isn’t ripe, it isn’t ripe. Thus, if a brain isn’t fully functional, it is retarded.

The more we are condemned for using inappropriate phrasing, the more we tip toe around reality. I, for one, only throw pity parties for myself, because no one else really cares. When it comes to words like retarded I use them as the situation requires. I feel the need that I have worked with mentally retarded people, and I find the golden rule applies well. So, I treat them as I would want to be treated. I don’t mention their short comings, and hope they don’t mention mine.

“But that’s only one word! What else bugs you?”

Personally, I don’t like the phrase “nigger rig” , but people have used it in front of me before. Now, if I am in an irritable mood I may mention the actual phrase is “JURY rig”. I also choose my words carefully around children, because they don’t normally have the ability to discern between proper use, and improper use.

The Attention Whore FMA

Say one day you make an off-color status about “all ice cream truck drivers seeming like pedophiles.” Next thing you know you have some Attention Whore FMA blasting your status as “insensitive” because someone they knew was molested. Nothing funny about that horrible act occurring, at all. The issue is this…how would anyone in the world know this happened if you didn’t comment for the world to see? The issue needn’t be as huge as molestation either. I was called out for posting a quote from a television show. It had to do with asthma I believe. A good friend commented it wasn’t funny because someone they knew had asthma. Okay. What does my quote from a television show, and this person’s asthma have to do with one another? Asthma sucks, cancer sucks, being overweight sucks, peg legs suck, being toothless sucks, but who doesn’t know that?

It is as if an over-protective mode overcomes people. To the point that anyone making a comment needs to be treated as an enemy. Of course if people you know have conditions you don’t purposely bring them up as a joke, unless the person is okay with it. I have gout, and tend to have “attacks” where I walk like a Frankenstein monster…joke away. The rule I have is never joke about children. As a parent, I know that if someone was making comments about my child, or something my child suffered with I would either ignore it, or ask them if they could refrain while I was around. Online though, you make the choice to click away.

As far as the issue with the ice cream truck pedo post…I saw a person basically out a child’s abuse with no regard to privacy, or that child’s emotion. This seems to me more offensive than the status they commented on. Regardless of the times we live in some things are to be kept private by a select group of people.

Faith No More & Zealotry 

Finally, the last FMA is anyone who believes anything with a zealous passion. These are the people who comment rudely, or distance themselves from you because you don’t have 100% similar beliefs they do. It can be religious people who openly mock other religions (or atheists), or vice versa. Conservatives vs. Liberals. 1% vs. 99%. Pop music vs. underground dubstep. It doesn’t matter there is always a FMA ready to squash you & your silly beliefs.

I am a conservative, christian, tattooed, pierced, and vulgar person. Most people I know don’t realize I am the first two categories. It just doesn’t come up in conversation. I don’t let my beliefs rule other people’s choices. I have nearly every possible religion/belief, political philosophy, etc. contained within my group of friends. We discuss controversial things, but somehow are able to do this without running away bawling about someone not playing fair.

I guess that is my point. I guess even though I have a political view, I am not politically correct. Political correctness has an agenda, hell political is in the name!! It turns our Facebook feeds & our lives into minefields of pouty, angry outbursts. Quit whining, and learn to handle the fact that each person is unique. Most importantly…..

F*&k Off Facebook Moral Authority!!!!



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